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Chairman Message

Petro Farayand Alvand Engineering and Management Company (PFA) Established in 2004 with the first mission of engineering and management services in the oil and gas projects. PFA’s Managing Director is one of the experienced and familiar directors in national projects at the areas of oil, gas and Power.

PFA’s logo is based on the power of three colors: Green Petroleum, Yellowish Gas and Red Power plant, and the ability of setting the cubes up on the step by step upgraded manner to define a near to complete basis for MC in our country.

Petro Farayand Alvand company has gained valuable experience by implementing successful projects at Oil and Gas area in Iran and abroad, also decided Entrance to the areas of water, instrumentation, energy and industrial procurement as well as EPC projects which PFA has executed some projects at these areas . Moreover PFA established an office in UAE (Dubai) for this new strategy.